Kim Waldauer is a Beverly Hills based personal trainer, wellness coach and nutrition enthusiast. She works passionately with her clients to take control of their lives through creating and maintaining a “fitness habit.”  Her fitness programs have a reputation for being challenging and extremely effective. Sessions fuse together diverse and functional training to create a well-balanced body and mind.  The results are stronger core stability, increased body strength and flexibility, and decreased body fat.  She has trained clients to run a “personal record” marathon and helped others take their first steps to make fitness part of their lives. Kim believes that the success you achieve in your fitness and health is destined to translate to other aspects of your life.

Kim takes 1st place in her division at the 2013 Palos Verdes 1/2 Marathon

“In the time I’ve spent training with Kim, I’ve lost three dress sizes and am shocked at the physical improvements my body has made…” Read more testimonials here.