Welcome fit

Welcome Fit – an individual training program that will support you on the way to a beautiful and healthy body.

Individual fitness program – the key to proper and effective workouts. Under the supervision of an experienced trainer, you will master the technique of doing exercises and the rules for safe work in the gym.

Each new member of the fitness center can take advantage of the following special offers:

  • Free introductory briefing.
  • Trial personal training for 30 dollars.
  • Welcome Fit program for only 200 dollars – the offer is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase or renewal of the club card.

If you want to start practicing or change the club – choose “fitnessbykim”.

What’s included

10 personal training

The trainer will teach you how to do the exercises, how to work properly in the gym.

Nutrition Tips

The instructor will make a nutrition plan for each day, separately for weight loss and for gaining weight.

Development of a training program

Professional training program will help maintain and improve results.

Individual training is suitable for those who:

  • Chooses an individual approach and wants to receive advice from professionals.
  • Appreciates his safety and is not ready to get hurt.
  • Wants to control the level of load to avoid overwork.
  • It does not see the point to dive into an independent study of the theory of fitness.
  • He wants guaranteed results in the shortest possible time.
  • Does not have enough motivation for self-study.

Welcome Fit is the best choice for those who appreciate efficiency. The program is suitable for those who prefer to work under the guidance of a specialist, and those who subsequently want to study independently. You will get a squeeze from the practical experience of our instructors – only what really works and gives results.